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Secure clip tags

Butcher Supplies

These Meat Tags have been Re-Manufactured to give the strength and durability needed in multi-use identification processes. A long way away from the old "Fisher Clark TG 8120" Tags.

Tag size:

82mm x 42mm.

Supplied in boxes of 1,000 tags


  • The ideal identification system that is Secure, Strong and Economical to use.

  • The Secure Clip Tag has many names such as Meat Tags, Lamb Tags, Sack Tags, Poultry Tags, Slaughter Tags, Kraft Tags or Stationary Tags.

  • Made with quality high performance semi-gloss Kraft paper with a double reinforced card eyelet, a nickel-plated steel clip.

1 Box (1000 tags)


Allow 2-4 Days for delivery.

Prices exclude VAT at 20%